Alex Akal is a multi instrumentalist experimental musician who has discovered the beauty of many traditional exotic instruments in his travels, and adding  taste of progressive and psychedelic rock, has created a unique music style. In his tracks you’ll find Vocals, Bass Guitar, Didgeridoo, Fujara, Dan Moi, Electric Guitar, Drums, Beatbox, Native American Flute, and some more.

Here below some of his band experiences:

  • 2008 | Absolute Blues | Vocals – Blues band based in France
  • 2009 | No Bad Reason | Vocals – Punk Rock band based in France
  • 2010/2011 | The Green After | Vocals, Percussion, Didgeridoo – Progressive Psychedelic Rock band based in Luxembourg – for 5 weeks ranked best Rock band of Luxembourg on ReverbNation®
  • 2012 | Timeless Tribe | Vocals, Didgeridoo – Experimental Rock band based in Rome, Italy
  • 2013 | Timeless Tribe (reformed) | Vocals, Didgeridoo, Percussion, Jaw’s Harp – Shamanic Tribal band based in London, UK
  • 2013 | Psychedelic Tribe | Vocals, Didgeridoo – Psychedelic Experimental Tribal band based in London, UK
  • 2014 | TuKu Didgeridoo Band | Didgeridoo – Tribal band based in Thailand
  • 2015/2017 | Urban Shamans Movement | Vocals, Didgeridoo, Native American Drone flute, Dan Moi, Percussions – Shamanic Tribal band and association based in London, UK
  • From 2017 | Alex Akal Music | Vocals, Dan Moi, Fujara, Didgeridoo, Electric Guitar, Base Guitar, Beat Box – Experimental Tribal-Psychedelic-Progressive-Rock, based in London, UK