Do you want to have lots of fun while learning how to play the didgeridoo? Do you want to jam along with other rhythms and players even if you are a first-time player? Do you want to learn circular breathing?
You can experience all of this in the Didgeridoo Workshops by Alex Akal. Suitable for festivals, events, schools, these sessions are designed to entertain both children and adults, while learning the easiest way, bypassing hours, days, weeks of technical learning with a more direct, playful and intuitive method.
These sessions will allow the attendees to have fun, to feel confident in playing along with songs and rhythms, an to learn the circular breath in the most time-efficient way. The circular breathing will then become the main strength that will allow everyone to play all the wind instruments in an outstanding way.

I had the pleasure of attending your didgeridoo workshop at ‘Humdrum’ and thought I’d send some feedback for you. I found the workshop really useful, as being a relatively new didge player it was really good to have an opportunity to go back to basics and review what I have learned so far. I picked up some really helpful tips and mainly came away with the strong message of playing and practicing for joy and relaxation and not for technical excellence. It was great to hear you re-emphasize this as the workshop progressed and reassuring those that were starting their journey to circular breathing that this was not the be-all and end-all, but they could still ‘jam’ using their drone and noises. I particularly liked the way you included everyone regardless of their knowledge and to be able to accept latecomers in and integrate them quickly without losing the thread of the class was excellent. The fact that you had practice didge’s available was great as well and the use of the microphone individually was good and it was really encouraging to hear my own sound! Anything could be better? I don’t think so, it was a really useful hour!
Richard Barton